Which war killed the most people?

Battle of Stalingrad

These German soliders probably died on the Eastern Front.

No one knows the exact death toll, but World War Two killed the most people with up to 85 million people dead. This figure includes war-related deaths such as disease and famine.

While the figure of 85 million is the subject of debate by academics and researchers, it is agreed that more civilians died than soldiers, and that the Soviet Union suffered the most with up to 30 million dead.

Death wasn’t confined to the battlefield. World War Two was notable for indiscriminate bombing of populated civilian areas, the holocaust, mistreatment of prisoners, slavery, crimes against humanity, and famine.

Short answer: World War Two killed the most people in history. Eastern Europe was perhaps the most dangerous place to be. The German and Russian armies not only fought each other but also committed widespread atrocities on civilian populations.

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